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Sokkia set 4010 manual

Free manual sokkia set 5f pdf - P1 - Docs- SET220 series (SET2220,3220,4220) SET110M series (SET3110M,4110M) SET110 series (SET2110,3110,4110) SET010 series (SET1010,2010,3010,4010) SET000 series (Power SET1000,2000,3000,4000) SET 10 series (SET310,510,610) SET100 series (SET 2100,3100,4100) SET00 series (SET300,500,600, incl S models) SET5W, SET3Bii SET3E, SET4E SET3F, SET5F BII series: SET2BII,3BII,4BII CII series: SET2Cii,3Cii,4Cii) 'C' and 'D' are parameters specific to the modulation frequency and the carrier wavelength respectively of the EDM instrument. Manual sokkia set 5- PDFQueen - PDF Search engine. Free unlimited pdf search and download.

SET X User Manual There is a need and often a legal requirement to have your instrument checked over an official baseline, typiy once per year - after your annual service would be a good time! Below we have specified the parameters you will need to feed into the baseline calculation softwares, so that the atmospheric correction to the measured distance can be calculated. Interfacing with the SOKKIA SDR Electronic Field Book” and Command. Explanations. Except where stated, “SETX” means SET1X/2X/3X/5X in this manual.

Array to String PHP? - Stack Overflow The atmospheric correction is also referred to as the 'First Velocity Correction' Note that the C and D parameters as used in Reger's formula (see below) have been derived from the ppm formula listed in the operators manuals. More at If you're dead-set on serializing, you mht also consider using json_encode

Total Station Setup and Operation Similarly, the Unit of Length is derived from the modulating frequency which is listed in Sokkia's service manuals. a Unit of length of 2 meters corresponds to a wavelength of 4 meters which (rounded) corresponds to a 75MHz frequency. Parts of the SET Total Station. Page 3. Parts of the SET Total Station. Page 4. Sokkia SET 550 Total Station. Keys/Screen.

Sokkia set 4010 manual:

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