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Cobas integra 400 plus user manual pdf

Roche Integra 400 Plus Cobas Integra 400 Plus. - Block 3n Drager, Caris Plus Esaote, Caris Plus Esaote, Carl Zeiss ( ) Carl Zeiss, Cell-Dyn 1700 Abbott, Cell-Dyn 1800 Abbott, Cell-Dyn 1800 (System Operators Manual) Abbott, Cell-Dyn 3000/3500 Sample Loader Troubleshooting Guide Abbott, Cell-Dyn 3000/3500/3700 Abbott, Cell-Dyn 3200 Abbott, Cell-Dyn 4000 Abbott, Cell-Dyn Emerald Abbott, Centra-CL2 (IEC), Centra-CL3, L3R (IEC), Centralscope (Marquette) General Electric, Centralscope Central Station (Marquette) General Electric, Cerebra Logik Viewer a EEG and EEG viewer Software Mennen Medical, Cerec 3 Sirona, Cesar 2 Taema, Chem-7 Erba, Chem Well 2900 Series Awareness, Chem Well 2900 Series (6 - 12 Months) Awareness, Chem Well 2900 Series (6 Months) Awareness, Chem Well 2900 Series - General commands Awareness, Chem Well 2900 T Awareness, Chem Well ELISA only Awareness, Chem Well . We offer Roche Cobas Integra 400 Plus chemistry analyzer for small / mid size. with only one analytical platform, one user interface & one reagent system.

Professional Diagnostics Molecular Diagnostics Applied 6.3 Awareness, Chem Well .5.1 Awareness, Chem Well .6.1 2902, 2910 Awareness, Chirolog SV Chirana, Chirolog SV Chirana, Chirolog SV-a Chirana, Chirolog SV-a & av Chirana, Chirolog SV-a V Chirana, Chiromega 654 DUET Chirana, Chiromega 654 Duet, Ni Ka, NK, Solo Chirana, CIC Pro and Unity Network General Electric, CIC Pro Clinical Information Center (Ver 4) General Electric, CIC Pro Clinical Information Center (Ver 4.1) General Electric, CIC Pro Clinical Information Center (Ver 5) General Electric, Cicero EM Drager, Circle System 7a Drager, Circle System 9 Drager, CL 4 (Behnk Elektronik), CL-2000 Sinnowa, CL-2000, CL-2000B Sinnowa, CL-2000B 1.1 Sinnowa, Clima MC-15 Ral, Clima MC-15 Ral, Clima MC-15 Ral, Clima MC-15 - Ral, Clima MC-15 5.02a Ral, Clima Plus Ral, Clima Plus Ral, Clima Plus ( ) Ral, Clima Plus ( ) Ral, Clima Plus v.3.04 Ral, Clini Logger (RE) Mennen Medical, Clinodit Compact Italray, Clinodit Compact Italray, Clot (LIHD010) Hospitex Diagnostics, Clot 1 A Hospitex Diagnostics, Clot-2B Ral, Clot-2B Ral, Clot-2B Ral, Clot-SP Ral, Clot-SP Ral, Clot-SP (1a) Ral, CLOTTY Ral, CLOTTY Ral, CLOTTY (Clot-1) Ral, CMS800G (Contec), CO2 CB (E2) Binder, CO2 Heracell Kendro, CO2 150 (JOUN), CO2 MCO-15A, MCO-15AC Sanyo, CO2 MCO-15AC, MCO-17AC Sanyo, CO2 MCO-17A Sanyo, CO2 MCO-20AIC Sanyo, CO2 Model: 116875, 1168710 Fisher&Paykel, CO2 Thermo Forma Model 3110 Series, Coa DATA 2001/4001 (LABi Tec), Cobas 6000 Roche, Cobas 6000 (Host Interface Manual) Roche, Operator manual, Installation instructions, Installation and Maintenance Guide, Installation and operation, Adjustment Instruction, Adjustment instructions, Training Manual, User and Service manual, ( ) Repair Instructions (circuitry), Maintenance Instruction, Installation Manual, Servise and Installation manual, Instructions for disposal, . COBAS INTEGRA® 400 plus analyzer. COBAS INTEGRA® 400 plus analyzer /. COBAS INTEGRA® 800 analyzer reagents, auxiliaries and consumables.

Connecting solutions of excellence - cobas , Operation manual, , Instruction manual, calibration, , Operating Instructions, diagram, User manual, , Repair Instructions, (, .) Catalogue, Spare Parts list, Test Methods, Setup Methods, Methods of verification, Calculation procedure, Methodical materials, Passport, Passport circuit, , Passport user manual, , Passport verification procedure, , Recommendations for repair, Administrators Guide, Operators Guide, Manual handling, Installation Manual, Installation & Maintenance Manual, User's guide, Service manual, Reference manual, Electric scheme (circuit), cal Documentation/Manual, Specifications, Specifications, cal description, , . ELECSYS and COBAS INTEGRA are trademarks of Roche. EVO, cobas® 8000 modular analyer series, cobas 6000 analyzer series and STA-R Evolution®. Take the. can be applied to all MPA systems in operation. MODULAR. 400 plus analyzer. COBAS. Quality. Manual archiving provides limited sample quality.

Instrument Interfacing - BioAnalytical Technologies Cal description, instructions, Instruction manual, Operating and Service Documentation, Operating and Service Documentation, Operating and Service Documentation, ... Instruments, their protocols, communication standards, interfaces manuals and came up with a. from client sites. - Generating User Stories and Acceptance Tests. 2. Roche Diagnostics - Cobas Integra 400 Plus fully automatic Clinical.

Company Profile - Diamond Diagnostics Cobas 6000 (Host Interface Manual) Hitachi, Cobas 8000 (Host Interface Manual) Roche, Cobas b 121 - system Roche, Cobas b 221 - system Roche, Cobas C-111 Roche, Cobas C-111 Roche, Cobas c311 Roche, Cobas c311, e411 Roche, Cobas e411 (Host Interface Manual) Roche, Cobas e411 (Tools 1.0 ) Roche, Cobas Integra & Core & Mira & Amplicor & Amplilink (Host Interface Manual) Roche, Cobas Integra 400 - Short Guide Ver. 3.4 Roche, Cobas Micros OT Roche, Cobas Mira - Host Interface Roche, Collimator transformer NRCOL1 (R-2507) Innomed, Collimator transformer NRCOL2 (R-3950) Innomed, Color (K. Roche Cobas Integra 400 Plus, Mira Plus CC. Roche Hitachi. Diamond offers a product range of over 300 consumables for use on. Blood Gas.

Decision Summary - FDA 2.0 Roche, Cobas Integra 400 Plus Roche, Cobas Integra 400 Plus - Data Analysis Software v. Takaoka), Communication Protocol Specfication for Radiometer products (Edition D 989-329) Radiometer, Compact 1,2,3 AVL, Compact 1,2,3 AVL, Compact 1,2,3 AVL, Compact 1,2,3 Spare part list AVL, Compact 2 AVL, Compact i, Soveren Classic, Promax, Pro One, Prox, Proline XC, Proline CC (August 2015) Planmeca, Companion III Pioneer TC8080 (Nicolet Biomedical), Component Monitoring System Hewlett Packard, Control desk Models DCD-04C-T1, DCD-04C-T2 onnection diagrams Toshiba, Corometrics 120 P/N 2004388L002 REV. I. Device Description The COBAS INTEGRA 800 Tina-quant HbA1cDx Gen.2 assay consists of two. The Hemolysate application consists of a manual pretreatment step which is. from the HbA1c/Hb ratio according to a user selected protocol. Phenylbutazone. 400 mg/L iii. Cross Reactivity with Hemoglobin Derivatives.

Hh sensitivity C-reactive protein Hs-CRP remains hy A General Electric, Corometrics 120 Series (Marquette) General Electric, Corometrics 120 Series V3.5 General Electric, Corometrics 170 (171-174) General Electric, Corometrics 170 Rev. Hs-CRP was measured on Cobas Integra 400 Plus using a latex. assay following the manufacturer's instructions Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis, IN. Publisher's Disclaimer This is a PDF file of an unedited manuscript.

BIL-D2 for INTEGRA - Roche Canada Tubes sample collection systems, follow the instructions of the tube manufacturer. for 4 weeks on-board COBAS INTEGRA 400 plus/800 analyzers. Assay.

CDC laboratory harmonization Manual, low throughput equipment run by laboratory personnel with minimum. Biochemistry. Cobas Integra. 400. Cobas C 111. Fully. Biolabo Kenza max. Humalyser. REFLOTRON PLUS 3. MEDONIC. OPERATION. DRM. AB 3130.

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